Frequently Asked Questions
Why should we use WedEasy?
WedEasy’s the perfect on-day wedding solution for couples, host families and their guests. This app addresses the primary pain points currently faced by guests and wedding hosts and acts as a single platform for all information and updates for a wedding.
What do my guests need to do?
All they need to do is download the app and sign up (takes less than 5 minutes). Before, on the days of the wedding, and after - the guests can simply use the app to interact with one another and get involved in the multiple features the Version 1 of WedEasy provides to connect, collaborate and share those special moments.
Are these photos, chats and other data on the app private to me and my guests?
Yes, only you and your guests’ can view and download your photos, other data on the app. Your privacy (as well as your guests’) is of the utmost importance to us and we’re compliant with the GDPR data privacy norms.
How long will I have the data on my personalised app?
An exclusive app for you and your guests will be available for up to 2 months from the completion of the wedding. We can discuss incase you want the data to be accessible beyond the 2 months as well.
I have a lot of less tech savvy guests attending. How will they know how to use WedEasy?
The beauty of WedEasy is that it is so incredibly easy that anyone can use it without any difficulty! After downloading the app from a personalized link, your guests follow a very easy step by step signup system (it really takes even the slowest of phone users less than 5 minutes, we’ve tested it!).
What if my guests won’t download WedEasy?
In the Version 1 of WedEasy, we’ve focused on the main pain points faced by the hosts and the guests. We understand what exactly the guests want at a wedding, and the features in the V1 are designed to excite the guests to download the app to make your wedding even special. Who wouldn’t love to know more about the other guests attending the wedding? Or check out the photos taken by the photographer and other guests attending the wedding? Or chat with that interesting person they saw at the wedding?
Does WedEasy work on iPhone and Android?
Yes! The Guest is available for iPhones and Androids. We support iPhones on iOS 9.0 and above and Android devices on Android 4.4 and above.
How does WedEasy use our guests’ information?
The privacy and security of your guests are incredibly important to us! We make sure to contact your guests only as it relates to your wedding, if required.
After subscribing to WedEasy for my wedding, how do I set up the wedding and invite my guests?
That’s a breeze. Once you get in touch with us to subscribe for your upcoming wedding, our team at WedEasy will provide you access to the backend dashboard panel for you, your wedding planner and photographers. This backend dashboard panel can be used not only to set up the wedding and populate all the content to personalise the app, but also to send out invites to the guests, track the registered guests on the app, send out notifications and other features. Don’t worry, our team will be giving you a demo of the app and will also be available 24x7 for support.
How do we get our guests to use WedEasy?
You just have to select who you want to invite! After you done with the initial set up on the dashboard, you can upload an CSV file (Excel Sheet) with the phone numbers of your guest list and we’ll send an SMS out to them with a download link and your custom wedding code which they can use to sign in the wedding. You can also share the custom wedding code through other mediums such as social media and Whatsapp. You can also include a sign at your wedding with the details to download the app. You can make your own or we can provide the creative for you that you can print and frame at your event, banquet tables, etc. You can include the wedding code in your wedding invites for the guests to see.
Can the host see which guests has signed up?
Yes! The host can see which guests have signed up on the app using the admin-dashboard panel provided. You can also manage your guest list by removing guests or invites (by sliding to delete remove them), or you can select more people to invite!
How do I edit the wedding schedule details?
This is done during the initial set-up of the wedding using the dashboard panel. The same dashboard panel can be used for adding new events to the wedding schedule or editing the existing events.
What if I don’t want certain guests invited to the app to see certain events?
We understand this concern really well and our engineers have built for the same. While creating a certain event in the wedding function, you can manually select a specific audience. Anyone apart from the specified audience, will not see the event in their wedding schedule tab on the WedEasy app.