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An essential wedding accessory.
Created by you and your guests.
The ultimate digital keepsake. Set the stage for
your friends and family to connect, coordinate and share those memorable moments!
About UsWe’re on a mission to design technology for life’s best moments. WedEasy addresses the primary pain points currently faced by the wedding guests and host families and acts as a single platform for all information and updates for a wedding, consolidating all your wedding communication and content sharing needs into one dynamic app. No building, no coding, just personalise with your details and you’re all set to roll out the app to the guests - automatically and beautifully! Everything you need on-day of the wedding in one place.
Invite All Your GuestsGuest Invites icon

Using your custom wedding code, invite your guests from both sides. Allow guests to discover other guests attending the same wedding.
Wouldn’t it be great if they became friends even before the wedding?

Wedding FeedWedding Feed icon

Allow guests to post, comment and like photographs and updates onto your personal wedding feed.
Your very own wedding feed.

ScheduleSchedule icon

Share the entire wedding schedule and details to all your guests. Choose which functions are visible to which guests so no one feels left out.
Build up excitement with a countdown timer for each event!

PhotosharingPhoto Sharing icon

Want to re-live it all? Allow guests and photographers to upload photos so you never skip a beat! Keep your memories private to your wedding guests to avoid social media faux pax
Hold on to memories - before, during and after!

NotificationsNotification icon

Last minute changes? Simply notify individuals or the entire guest list about it. Admins can send last minute messages or just a big Thank You when it is all done!
We’ve got all your on-day worries covered!

Chat Chat icon

Allow guests to interact with one another (or maybe 2 strangers to chat and fall in love!) using the one-on-one or group chat feature.
Yes, we’re really excited about this feature.

Love Story & About The FamilyRing icon

You’ve had a lovely journey till the big day. Why not share it with your loved ones on your private app? Introduce the bride & groom, and their families to the guests.
No more awkward on-day introductions!

GuestlistGuest List icon

Allow guests to discover other guests attending the same wedding, from both sides - Bride & Groom. What’s more? Guests can view the details and connect with them too!
After all, weddings are all about forging new relationships.

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Let’s get started.Bring it all together. One-time charge, unlimited access.
Plans starting at ₹15000/wedding.
International plans starting at $200/£160.
Partner with usAre you a professional or a company working in the wedding domain?
We’d love to get in touch.
Why should we use WedEasy?
WedEasy’s the perfect on-day wedding solution for couples, host families and their guests. This app addresses the primary pain points currently faced by guests and wedding hosts and acts as a single platform for all information and updates for a wedding.
I have a lot of less tech savvy guests attending. How will they know how to use WedEasy?
The beauty of WedEasy is that it is so incredibly easy that anyone can use it without any difficulty! After downloading the app from a personalized link, your guests follow a very easy step by step signup system (it really takes even the slowest of phone users less than 5 minutes, we’ve tested it!).
How does WedEasy use our guests’ information?
The privacy and security of your guests are incredibly important to us! We make sure to contact your guests only as it relates to your wedding, if required.
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